All calls are turned and tuned by Grover Knoll, who was born on a rice farm near Stuttgart, Arkansas and made Duckall #1 in 1953. Grover has been an avid Duck Hunter since age 6. His call was conceived as an Arkansas Style Single Reed hunting call, and has repeatedly been improved since that time. It has a wide range of capabilities.

Requiring very little air, it is capable of a loud, far reaching hail call, and will descend smoothly down to a whisper and continue calling at a whisper. No Duckall is considered finished until it will whisper! This quiet-end calling is becoming much more important with the increased use of public shooting grounds where constant control of ducks enhances success.

Grover developed a unique numbered reed system. The dye-cut PERMATUNE reeds are self-centering and always stay at the complete rear of the cork cavity. Each call comes with a #2 reed in it and you also receive a #1 through #4 and extra cork. No expertise is required to change a Duckall'S tune. Simply go up or down a number to increase or decrease pitch. If you don't like the change, just put the #2 back in and the call will sound just as it did.